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Gratitude, Not Resolutions

~Friday, January 1, 2021 (We’ve finally arrived to a new year!)

Day 201-Happy New Year!!!-Part I 🥳(Travel Day)

Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I am reflecting what I’m grateful for. We’re all flawed, so instead of calling attention to those, I’m focusing on a “hat tip” to what is important to me (and in no particular order)

1️⃣ Grateful that I have a husband who is willing to be with me 24/7 on this amazing journey and for the unconditional love that my fur baby bestows upon me. I can’t imagine this adventure without them.

2️⃣ Keeping a “go with the flow” attitude. Adapt and resolve, accepting that not every choice made is a good one, but to move onto the next one, in hopes that you make a better one.

3️⃣ Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know cliche. This old adage isn’t just about people, but about having what makes me comfortable, “off-duty”, releasing the comfort zone a bit.

4️⃣ Recognizing that in my life, I don’t need “stuff” to make me happy but be more fulfilled by the experiences that come my way, and the people I meet, who lift my spirit.

5️⃣ I am grateful for less stress, less expectations and letting things unfold as they should be. Planning fewer things with intention and throwing caution to the wind.

6️⃣ Warm bed

7️⃣ Loving husband

8️⃣ A kitchen that allows me to create sustenance

9️⃣ Coziness in my space but most importantly, my space that shelters me.

1️⃣0️⃣ Oh Be Joyful Hours!!! And coffee!

Let’s all have a bright, optimistic 2021 shall we?

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