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Goodbye Cali

~Thursday, January 12, 2023~

Day 943 (Travel Day)

What a hubbub of activity when you stay in these casino parking lots though it wasn’t enough to keep this girl awake. I think between working so hard at my mom’s and all the driving we’ve done lately, I could sleep a solid week. It was so nice to be back in our king size bed. I don’t know what it is about that mattress, but I sleep like a baby on it, even though it’s only 6” thick, on plywood. Who knew an RV mattress could be so comfortable? I have heard that a mattress laid on top of plywood is actually very good for the back, so who knows.

We hit a Starbucks, plugged in our next destination of Apache Junction, AZ, specifically Lost Dutchman State Park and hit the highway with 275 miles to go. We stayed at Lost Dutchman a year ago and liked it so much, we couldn’t wait to return. The only difference is that we’re in for some rain; something we were void of the last time.

About 20 minutes into our drive on Highway 10, we waved to all the other boondockers at Joshua Tree and there were a lot of them. Of course, winter time in the desert is the perfect time for camping with normally mild temperatures (usually in the low 70’s during the day). It was a little sad to cross the state line into Arizona, knowing it would be a long time until the trailer would be back in California. You know the minute you’ve arrived in Arizona when you see fields of palm trees

and the rock collector’s paradise of Quartzsite. It is also known as the RV boondocking capital of the world being a temperate place to ride out winter. And seemingly just like that, we’ve been transported to a world of sun drenched

desert landscapes and cacti.

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