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Good Day To Get Organized

~Tuesday, July 20, 2021~

Day 401

It’s almost here. These last few days, I’ve been crunching our numbers of the past year being out on the road. Just a little more to go, I should be done by tonight. We can’t wait to see where things lined up (or didn’t)......were we being realistic or pie in the sky in our budgeting? We’ve always kept track of our spending (sometimes to a fault) so originally came up with our conservative RV’ing budget based on some of those things, i.e. groceries, toiletries, dog care, etc. But of course, new things were added that we’d never experienced before….lodging, entry fees, equipment, RV maintenance, etc. Even though we did this for ourselves, we also wanted to help others (mostly newbies) who needed a starting point and to encourage them to make their dream of doing this a reality. Let’s face it. The biggest fear of not doing this lifestyle is “can I afford it?’ Since we all learn from each other, why not bring your experiences to the table...right. Even if it helps only one person. So stay tuned in the next few days to see how we did.

Not a great weather day…..a lot cooler, and a perfect one to be at this lovely campground with the beautiful lake in the distance as our view. Jeff was really digging the lower temps, since his project today was completing the cleaning out and reorganizing of the back of the truck, which tends to be a furnace when in full sun. We had the perfect spot in our campsite to spread everything out. It was kind of strange to see our entire “garage” laid out before us and a clean back of the truck, FINALLY!!

I’m sure Hank is enjoying being aired out and feeling lighter. Jeff did a fabulous job wiping everything down (3 buckets of dirty water later), vacuuming, and consolidating. Yeh…..check that one off the list!

Perfect timing that everything was put back in the truck before our new neighbors showed up. 2 couples, one from Connecticut and another from Michigan and their adorable toddler-aged brood. Quite refreshing, as our previous neighbors (from Michigan also), had a LOUD bunch, and liked to partake in a little toking. In fact it was so bad last night, that it drove us back inside away from our lovely campfire. Oh well, you can’t choose your neighbors.

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