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Giving Thanks

~Thursday, November 25, 2021~

Day 529

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!! 🍷🦃We are so grateful to have this opportunity of seeing this beautiful country of ours, making new friends along the way either on the road or virtually, sharing ideas and experiences with this amazing, supportive RV community and thankful for a much simpler, less hectic life. This new lifestyle is simply better than we ever imagined it would be, though we deeply miss our friends and family back home in Cali and Illinois. But we will see you soon for the Holidays! We hope you all had an amazing day celebrating with your loved ones and friends.

Tucson decided to have a windy day, so pretty much stayed cocooned in our trailer for most of it. We enjoyed watching some great football while preparing all the yummies for our Thanksgiving feast. No matter if you’re cooking for 2 or 20, it seems it’s still the same amount of work, and the same amount of dishes.

Our menu consisted of a turkey (of course and a 14 pounder), cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and creamed spinach. It was nice having the pumpkin pie made the

night before. We must have used every dish, utensil, pot and pan in our 70 square foot kitchen. So dish duty was constant.

Everything turned out delicious!! If you had to give a score, we’d give everything 5 stars. We were thrilled with how good everything was. Jeff thought his turkey turned out better than ever wondering if the extra rest time did the trick. And the pumpkin pie was THE best I’ve ever had. Must be that cream cheese and butter crust that made it just melt in your mouth , and not too sweet.

Hope your dinner was a memorable one too!

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