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Give Me Nature

~Tuesday, April 20, 2021~

Day 310

It was the ideal weather day. Low 70’s, sun with some intermittent clouds; a recipe for the perfect hike. But it wasn’t meant to be since we had some important items to take care of. We drove into the nearest town that had cell service and a laundry facility, which would be Gatlinburg. Along the way, the traffic was really backed up to what we found out was a black bear cub sighting, with everyone slowing down to take a look. Mama was nowhere in sight. I really had no expectations of this crazy, crowded Tennessee town, but it really was a shock to go from the beautifully forested, peaceful national park, to this. There are numerous blocks of shops, restaurants and San Francisco’s “Pier 39” type folly, like Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Wax Museums, etc. I think we’ll stick with the forested setting. Hoping to get out tomorrow to see this amazing national park!

No hikes today after all, due to laundry and a few other to do’s.

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