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Ginger Ale to the Rescue

~Thursday, September 3, 2020~

Day 81

Unfortunately, we have another sickee in the household. At least one of us is well enough to take care of the other one. And thank goodness we didn’t book our rafting trip since we would have had to cancel it and thank goodness today was not a traveling day. So we were just able to be here at Patty’s “Little Piece of Heaven” with Jeff trying to get well, and me working on the website. I swear this is a full-time job, at least pre-launch. But honestly, I do feel like I have balance and am not completely engrossed in computer work. I feel like we’ve taken in so much already and we’re only in the third month. I even got in some apple feeding time with the horses.

After an urgent request for ginger ale by my hubby, I promptly left for the local Safeway to get that and a few other provisions. I also wanted to get Patty a bottle of Zinfandel (one of her favs), to thank her for all of her hospitality. She’s a special lady. I made it back in time to make sure Jeff was all situated and groceries put away before walking over to an inviting campfire at Patty’s. Well, there was supposed to be a fire but she had fallen asleep for a late afternoon nap and didn’t manage to put one together in time. So we sat in front of her would-be fire pit and talked about how she and her husband, who just passed away a few months ago, found this lovely place. They had their eye on it for a very long time, even after they’d already bought one in the foothills above Flathead Lake, and it wasn’t until years later, that this property became available to them again, through a foreclosure sale. It was meant to be and we’re so fortunate that she is sharing it with all of us.

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