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Generator Etiquette

~Wednesday, March 8, 2023~

Day 998

Be careful what you wish for. Choosing a shady spot with FILTERED sun, even the intense Florida sun, isn’t enough for our solar panels to produce enough power to keep things going on the rig. We woke up to 2 dead lithium batteries this morning. We didn’t think to keep an eye on the solar readings since we were getting assistance from the generator during the day to help us run our A/C as well as powering everything else. It could be that running our new, more powerful bathroom fan in addition to the living space fan could be using more power than we think. I guess moving forward we’ll be monitoring our evening use a little more carefully, i.e. fans, t.v. lights, etc.

Yay…..finally some relief from the heat with about 10 degree cooler temps. And what do ‘ya know…..generator etiquette is back in swing with our neighbor’s departure! At least we’ll have one day of peace & quiet anyway. Honestly, construction generators should be outlawed at campgrounds!

Today allowed a little light cleaning inside the rig for me and some outside maintenance for Jeff. Even though we just installed the new fan, the screen was already filthy from such heavy use. However, once I went to remove it, even with a helpful tab to help pull it off, I couldn’t budge it for fear of breaking it. To get it off, Jeff had to climb up on the roof and give it a little nudge, and voila. That’s great for now, but what about next time? It appears they cut the screen a little too big for the size opening so maybe a little light sanding is in order so it won’t be a struggle each time we go to clean it? We’ll see. Jeff’s to do’s included cleaning/lubing the rig’s stabilizers

and awnings and an early breakdown of camp to make tomorrow’s 8:00 a.m. departure a little easier. We want to take full advantage of our arrival to The Keys tomorrow as we’ve looked forward to being back at this tropical playground for quite a while.

Since we’re departing this lovely, dispersed campground setting tomorrow, we thought we’d take a little look around the grounds. Along the equestrian trail, we spotted a few horseback riders returning to camp

after their day’s adventure as well as a fairly large pond in the distance that is occasionally home to the Dupuis resident alligator. Don’t worry…..we were plenty far from it, especially having Sadie with us. Other than that, there really wasn’t much else to see, other than the beauty of a twilight evening.

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