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Frozen Pipes

~October 27, 2020~

Day 135

First things first…..water supply. We woke up to sunshine and melting snow. The high today…..37. Yes! Progress! Cranked up the furnace heat to circulate warm air under the trailer since it appears everything is frozen. I won’t take flowing water for granted ever again. Blow dryer first directed at the pipes followed by running the space heater underneath the trailer. It took about 30 minutes to be back in business. See….our little styling tools can come in handy sometimes. Next step was to fill the freshwater tank so during the chilly, below freezing nights, we’d pull water from the tanks, not directly from the hose. After that, we just left the fresh water hose connected to the trailer all day since the temperatures were above freezing. Now to tackle those stack of dishes we weren’t able to do yesterday, and a much needed shower.

By early afternoon all was good. A few more neighbors showed up (it’s nice to know you’re not the only crazy people out here). Actually, I would say the campground is about 80% full, so we’re all just a bunch of crazies together.

The afternoon was spent doing errands and making a hair appointment which is not easy during COVID and with luck on my side, there was an opening for Wednesday morning at 11:15 at Prodigy Salon in Colorado Springs. My long hair is driving me crazy and it’s time for a change. So cut/highlight it is. Thank you hubby for this lovely birthday present, who is not too happy about me getting a shorter doo. What is it about guys and long hair? So stay tuned.

One more phone call….accommodations for Friday. If you recall, we had to cancel our reservations at Horsetooth Reservoir (Southbay) near Fort Collins a week or so ago, due to the Cameron Peak fire. With the help of the snowfall, the fire is nearly contained and campgrounds are reopened. Next was checking the weather in that area from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3 and it’s lookin’ good. We thought we’d try the other campground there (Inlet Bay), but they’re closed for the winter. South Bay is open year ‘round. So we booked an even better site than our last reservation, this time overlooking the lake. Next reservations…..Sedona or Santa Fe. It’s time to head south.

Since we’re in a big city, now’s the time to tackle a few errands at my favorites…..Trader Joe’s, Homegoods and Target. We were quite low on groceries and don’t think we’ve ever had the cart that full. Of course this begs the question….where will it all go? If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s storage organization. We’ll make it fit. The Homegoods stop was just for picking up a few Fall items...pillows, candles, etc. I thought with it still being early in the season, the selection would be good. I was wrong. Most of the Fall decor was gone, but I managed to find a couple of cute things. And of course there’s always the reminder that there are only 59 more shopping days left with Christmas merchandise on full display. Should I or shouldn’t I? I should. I bought 2 knitted Christmas stockings to replace the one’s I forgot to pack for the trip. Time to bring on the Christmas music! (kidding)

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