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Football in the Desert

~Saturday, January 14, 2023~

Day 945

I’m afraid our blog posts will be short and sweet over the next few days since we plan on staying close to the campsite for the duration of our stay, though we do hope to get in a hike or two before our departure on Thursday.

Woke up to the sun rising just above Superstition Mountains, kissing the tops of the peaks behind us in the opposite direction. We also had the privilege of spotting a few red-tail hawks looking for an early morning meal. Much of the desert is forecasted to receive 1 to 2 inches of rain in the next few days, so we’ll have to appreciate the sunshine and warm temperatures for now. Did you know that cactuses swell up after a rain? In the desert, when soil is soaked by rain, the cacti binge on the soil water to store excess water for times of drought. It’s all about adapting and surviving isn’t it?

Before tuning into football playoffs, Jeff had a little time to work on repairing the steps for the trailer while I did a variety of errands. I made it back in time to catch the second half. So thrilled to have had tv reception at our campground…..just in time to watch the 49’ers beat the Seattle Seahawks in their first postseason playoff game. Our third string quarterback, Brock Purdy led the team to a 41-23 victory!! Monday will tell who we play next.

The clouds were comin’ in so no sunset tonight. But we were treated to the sounds of a barn owl just outside our trailer. What a great way to lull one to sleep.

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