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Foggy Tranquility

~Saturday, September 18, 2021~

Day 461

A late start to our day, and an interesting one at that due to the weather. We didn’t see any islands because it was foggy, and we didn’t see the ocean

because the tide was out. Timing was not the best I guess and suppose if we got here earlier in the day when the tide was in, the experience would have been a little different. Aside from that, our hike at dog friendly Wolf’s Neck Woods State Park was a worthwhile stop. If you were to shop in Freeport’s busy shopping district, you wouldn’t even know that this beautiful, tranquil park is just around the corner. In the mid-1900’s, the land was the site of an organic beef-raising operation, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith of Freeport. It was in 1969 that they donated a portion of their holdings (200 acres) to the state, with the park opening in 1972. Within minutes you are transported back to a natural setting. Although small, this park packs a punch in beauty. Included in the park scenery are white pines, hemlocks, and a salt marsh. The trails were well marked. Our sure footedness was definitely tested on the heavily

rooted surface forcing us to keep our eyes more on the trail than the scenery around us. Adding to its beauty was the rocky shoreline of Casco Bay and the Harraseeket River. We were really hoping too, to see the park’s signature resident….the osprey. Evidently, September is a great time to see them fly in pairs. Even though we weren’t witness to that, we did hear one in the distance. They’re also known to summer here before making their trek to South America each Fall. By the time they arrive at their temporary home, they would fly close to 6,000 miles or more. They also have excellent eyesight, able to spot fish from 100 feet above the surface of the water. Now that’s some talent!

Though the hike was easy, we still felt that we were entitled to try another brewery. Mast Landing Brewing Company in Freeport, Maine fit the bill which had a nice dog-friendly outdoor patio, good beer and a more retro vibe than old pub feel. We enjoyed chatting with a few locals, that is until the sky grew dark, and the rain came. Luckily, we were just finishing up our beers anyway. But it was kind of funny to see just how fast a patio can clear out. East coast weather is so strange. Seriously….I don’t know whether to take out my sweaters, or leave the t-shirts in the drawer.

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