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Fix it List

~Sunday, September 20, 2020~

Day 98 (Travel Day)

Quite exhausted from yesterday’s excitement, we had to pack up and get ready for our drive down to Riverside today. But first to head back to Ken and Bertie’s to drop off Jeff’s wedding attire, so they could all be returned today. We had a great time showing them the trailer, letting Sadie swim and chase butterflies and just recapping yesterday’s fun, before hitting the road. I felt so bad for Bertie and all of the time she had put into making her favors. Apparently they were put out too late, and not in a conspicuous spot, so they were missed.

We finally got on the road about 3:00. I thought I would drive only a few hours, but a few hours turned into the whole drive. I think we stopped once, close to LA, especially for Sadie. The purpose of our trip to Riverside was to drop off the trailer where we purchased it, for a few repairs we’ve had scheduled for over a month now, and wanted it to coincide with us being in California anyway. And an even better bonus….we get to see our Devin, Hannah and the grandkids again! We’re hoping to have the repairs completed by Wednesday. The repair list (and things happen...even in good quality, new RV’s):

  1. Patio awnings end caps fell off (replace)

  2. Refrigerator door panel got dented when they replaced the refrigerator gasket last time

  3. Refrigerator door handle is loose

  4. Replace missing screw cover caps (that get loose while traveling)

  5. Shelf above bed is bowed-replace entire shelf and center support

  6. Dinette window gasket is loose

  7. Both roof skylights are cracked-causing water to get in

  8. Lance decal on the front cap is peeling

  9. Yellow stain on the roof by the rear A/C

  10. Galley countertop is swelling by the sink (water getting underneath due to no caulking)

Not a short list. But let’s get ‘er done. Steven Contreras is awesome to deal with at Richardson’s and he’s the guru of all things solar.

So nervous going over the Grapevine again as last time, we had a little something happen that delayed our trip by 3 weeks (see July 18, 2020 blog post). But we made it and it is ever so strange to be back in this neck of the woods. It kind of jolts the system coming from Big Sky Montana to the noisy and congested state of California. After 7 hours of driving we finally drove up to our familiar RV park, Rancho Jurupa at around 10:30. Just a spot to hunker down for the night…..not doing hookups, or putting out the slides….just hitting the hay.

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