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First Long Tow

~Wednesday, June 10, 2020~

Pre-launch Day 2

See, I told you the posts would get shorter (for now). Started the morning with Starbucks and a gas fill-up then hooked up the travel trailer when Roger, once again, asked if we needed any help. At least we’re providing free entertainment for our neighbors. We’ll take any help we can get. We had a +/-400 mile day in front of us. Jeff drove a third of the way, and I drove the rest. I even managed to pull into a gas station (exciting news when you’re a newbie). We called Skyline to make sure we could still get in since we were expecting a later arrival. Towing just simply takes longer. And who likes to set up in the dark which is what was in store for us, arriving at 8:30 (though not completely dark). We didn’t even need to call he camp host with our later arrival, with Becky right there, ready to escort us on her golf cart, to our site….#9. We let her do our job, even though we knew where to go anyway with the numerous occasions we hosted our chili cook-off family reunions there. Nice to be back! Now we’re on to new events I guess. Never would I think that we’d be back in Napa as tourists and just a stone’s throw away from our home in Napa.

Tonight we’d try backing up the trailer for the first time. Jeff did the honors with my guidance which I’m not great at. Maybe I’ll get the next one. We don’t have the full hookups but electricity and water are fine. Bathrooms and showers are nearby. This time with set up we discovered we can in fact use the X-chocks that I had just shipped back. Jeff originally didn’t think the tire spacing would work with them, but we’re good after all. So reorder it is.

Tonight we had a delicious dinner of corn chips and a Mai-Tai for me, and Jeff, a Moscow Mule. Forgot to pack sheets for the RV, so we’re still sleeping with just a thin blanket. Picking up pillows, sheets and towels at the storage unit tomorrow.

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