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Finally...Relief From the Heat!

~Tuesday, July 28, 2020~

Day 44

Picked up the Ford Explorer this morning and said goodbye to the loaner truck. Leaving the HOT weather for some 30 degree difference at the coast. After a nice morning walk with Sadie, we headed out for Hwy. 1 via Hwy. 46 which dropped us into the beautiful wine region of Paso Robles. Hope to make a day of wine tasting there before we leave Bakersfield. When we got to the coast, we stopped for a few snacky things for the beach, i.e. cheese, french bread, olives, nuts, and of course the bubbly. Getting out of the car and breathing nothing but fresh, salty, cool air, was the most welcoming thing in days. I wish we could bottle it up and take it with us for the rest of the week. When we finally arrived on Hwy. 1, we took in the stunning views and the amazing weather. One of our stops was the Piedras Blancas Rookery in San Simeon where the sea lions have been congregating here since the early 90’s. Sadie was itching to get to the water, but to no avail as most of the beaches in Southern California don’t allow much Fido freedom. Anyway, we found a nice beach to stop at called Cayucos State Beach. This place has a rustic village vibe along with its point of interest-the Cayucos Pier jutting out 950 feet over the Pacific (again, no dogs allowed). Since its original construction in 1872, winter storms and heavy ship traffic required a massive rebuild from 2014-2015. A nice day for a change of scenery, cooler weather and some chillin’. Honestly, we thought Del Mar was the last we’d see of the Pacific Ocean for a very long time and here we are.

After our 2 hour drive home, we noticed Larry’s RV was back at his site. Oh, oh. Because of the time of year and no reservation, we’re wondering if he and his son couldn’t find a camping spot in Yosemite? Stay tuned.

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