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Finally... Lithium!

~Friday, June 26, 2020~

Day 12

Spent morning on the phone with Lance lining up appliance/equipment model #’s, etc. if anything were to need repair/replacing in the future. I guess I shouldn’t say “if”, but “when”. Jeff is working on switching over the battery to lithium

and trying to find a fitting for the outdoor stove. Had we known it would be this difficult to find the right fitting, we may have purchased a different stove. May have to special order.

There was a ton of Marine activity today with the amphibious tanks.

They were practicing several maneuvers, for example, they had 3 superiors on the shore and would ask a marine to run to them, then they’d wrestle with him (1 against 3) replicating an onshore attack. Then they’d force them under water. Jeff said it looked like the trainees looked fatigued and weak as they went through their drill. I guess in a real combat situation, you have to be ready for anything. Not fun for parents to watch but in the end, it was all hugs and handshakes.

We met up with Devin and Hannah at their place to pick up Easton, while they took Carson to his doctor’s appointment. Easton kept us on alert for “trains”, “tracks”, “trees” and “fire trucks” on the car ride back to our place. So cute...everything is “wook” for look. We had an errand at Target, then a little lunch, and finally nap time for Easton. Jeff said it took him forever to fall asleep. We were a little worried that when he’d wake up in an unfamiliar place (our trailer), he’d be flustered. But did just the opposite. Comfortably opened the pocket door and happily greeted everyone.

Devin, Hannah and Carson arrived with some good news that the appointment went well. Carson did pretty good with his shots, and his weight looks pretty good. He’s a little over 10 pounds. But, with his length size, they’d like his weight to be a little higher, so just a little more increase in food.

Finally met our neighbor from the Del Mar area. Very nice couple, both retired Marines, who sold their home and purchased their large 5th wheel, living part-time in that. We spent some time down at the beach before making a delicious fajita dinner and a game of dominoes.

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