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Finally....A New Phone!📱👏

~Wednesday, June 30, 2021~

Day 381

What better thing to do in Goshen, IN than to visit an Apple Store; and not the produce kind. The main reason for our appointment was to have Jeff’s Iphone 6 repaired. Jeff had a cracked screen for over a year with the phone becoming unresponsive after his “fall” the other day. We had the nicest, most knowledgeable representative to help us….Thomas, an Indiana native. I must say, it’s very refreshing to deal with people who genuinely want to help you, not helping you because they’re commission driven. They told Jeff they MIGHT be able to fix the problem, but that there were no guarantees. It was worth the $165 gamble and the hour wait. Way better than buying a new phone. But guess what, the last person in the world we thought would be walking out with a new phone today, would have been me. Oh my goodness…...I did it! I finally gave in to a new phone. After years of using hand-me-down phones, I finally made the leap, though I didn’t buy the latest and greatest. I decided, based on my type of use and the fact that I don’t rely on a phone to take pictures, to purchase the 10R. It will definitely take some getting used to not having a “home” button and the fact I don’t have to use a passcode anymore (it’s opened by facial recognition). And while we were at it, I had them look at the “P” key on my MacBook Pro which has been acting up for a few months. They said it was likely debris caught underneath it and that a simple cleaning might take care of the problem. If not, I could either live with a struggling “P” or replace the whole keyboard at a cost of $450. Thank goodness, the cleaning worked! Little did we know we’d be in the Apple Store for 3 hours after all was said and done. Now to learn about my new device!!📱👏

Next stop….Best Buy to pick up cases. I’m normally a LifeProof girl, but this time, Jeff and I both decided on OtterBox due to its high ratings and clerk recommendations. Not only did we walk out with 2 new cases, but a box fan as well. We’ve been thinking about buying one for the outside of the trailer to keep the mosquitos at bay, and the fact we still haven’t gotten used to the hot, steamy climate.

When we arrived back at the trailer to check on Sadie, feed her lunch and give her a potty break, we discovered one of our metal candle holders that we left tucked up close to the trailer had been the victim of a John Deer tractor. The gardener was still mowing the grass around us when we arrived and thought he must have felt or heard it at the time. Not only that, but he got pretty darn close to the trailer. Oh well….moving on.

Final task of the day…..laundry, and only 3 miles away from where we’re staying. It was one of the nicest laundry facilities we’ve been to and only about $2.50/wash load, and $1.00/load for drying. They were nice enough to even let me plug in my laptop while waiting for things to finish. Downtown Goshen is adorable with all their quaint shops, restaurants, churches and homes. Sure wish we had more time to tour around.

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