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Finally, a Campfire🔥

~Monday, February 15, 2021~

Day 246

So nice to just enjoy the day being at our nice campsite near Orlando. It does seem kind of strange that we’re not taking in any thrill rides while near the amusement capital of the world. So I guess we’ll have to enjoy a little light reading and journal catch up. Jeff is about halfway through a book that intrigued him because of the author’s high marks, hoping that with each page, it would improve. Well, it hasn’t. But being one to finish what he’s started, he’s just going to power on through it.

The big thrills of our day was watching the many peacocks

near our campsite and finally having a campfire again!! I think we've only had 3 or 4 campfires the entire trip. I guess we chose good, as this firewood from Lowe’s seems to be dry and slow burning. And it was the perfect opportunity to meet our neighbors as right next to our site is the main walkway to the bathrooms (missed that on the site map when we booked it). But then again, this was the ONLY available site, so it’s not like we had other options. We are just happy to be at this little gem of a place.

This must be my shortest post, ever!!

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