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Fall & Christmas Spirit

~Saturday, October 2, 2021~

Day 475

Woke up to a very gloomy, on/off again rainy kind of day. It looks like this is the kind of weather we’ll be seeing the remainder of the time we’re in New Hampshire. But the combination of clouds and trees at our campsite (you know we’re tree lovers), is making 11 a.m.. feel more like 6:00 p.m. Be careful what you wish for. At least we’re able to run our generator at this campground or we’d be in trouble with exhausted lithium batteries. There just isn’t enough light getting to the solar panels.

Jeff and I took a trip to North Conway to see another covered bridge and on a side note came across an REI store; sure it was an accident 🤨. Jeff needed another pair of fleece pants, with the idea likely ignited by our colder weather in New Hampshire.

The Albany Covered Bridge was built in 1859

after two prior attempts failed due to flooding. The number of covered bridges increased as the number of farms in the valley increased, with the need to transport people and goods safely to market across turbulent rivers. Early bridges were built by basically “winging it” , rather than by exact engineering specifications. Bridges were initially sized “a load of hay high and a load of hay wide” to allow the passage of farm wagons. Over 130 years later, the Albany Bridge, like many, was lovingly restored in 1997.

We also took a trip up the mountains a bit to The Buttonwood Inn where we had stayed many years ago.

Though the route getting there didn’t look familiar, the inn looked just like it did 25 years before. Such an adorable place that feels remote, but still close to all the tourist stuff in town.

There was a store in North Conway, begging us to visit, though I wasn’t quite in the Christmas spirit just yet. This shop, The Christmas Loft would get anyone in the spirit.

There are rooms of ornaments and decor for every theme you can think of….Christian, Farm, Disney, T.V. Characters, camping, sports, etc. In the center of the shop was a replicated tiny village all decked out in Holiday fare. As you can imagine, I didn’t walk out empty handed. I found a chocolate advent calendar for Easton (Carson’s too young), and an ornament for each (a Paw Patrol dog for Easton and a movable moose for Carson). Having a 200 square foot trailer kept me from going crazy. Whew!

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