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Face Disease😳

~Thursday, September 23, 2021~

Day 466

What a morning….a 4-hour technical support call for our Wix website. In addition to today, I’ve probably spent over 10 hours total in getting a solution to altering a few things on the site. But today was the day for a win! After finally getting the right person, who was tenacious enough in helping me solve my problem, I can move forward. You can check out the changes soon on our “Playground Spots” section on our website (might be another week before you see it). Thank you Marissa and team Wix!

Added a few more state stickers to our U.S. trailer sign (video forthcoming). Today’s additions were Vermont and Maine. We’ll have a few more to add in the next month, but then it should be silent for a while as we’ll be traveling through familiar states, making our way back to California for the Holidays.

I haven’t really mentioned this in my posts much, but have been dealing with a skin rash issue on my mouth since last March. Perplexed since I have NEVER had skin issues my entire life (until now), I’ve been conferencing with a few doctors to get to the bottom of it. It’s been a little challenging having Kaiser healthcare on the road, since we are very limited in facilities on the East Coast. Thankfully, the video appointments have worked out well. My first doctor in Virginia prescribed a few months ago, a topical ointment, which seemed to improve my smaller rash at the time. It seemed to be concentrated around my chin and mouth area. But then, irritation developed, and spreading ensued. Without going into too much detail, it was absolutely annoying and the only reason I really wanted to wear a mask as it was also embarrassing. I just hoped it would get better on its own. Finally, I threw up the white flag, and called another doctor in California, and within minutes of looking at my symptoms, she agreed with me that it is Perioral Dermatitis. And…..she was not a specialist as the first doctor was. Puzzled by how I got this in the first place, she proceeded to tell me she has seen increases in Perioral Dermatitis since COVID began with mask wearing. That too, was my guess since I’d never had issues before, and it was concentrated around the mouth area. The solution…..a 2-week course of antibiotics and a follow up with the doctor. I decided to share this with you guys, in case you or someone you know develops similar issues since all of us are mask wearers as of late.

Another trip to the grocery today. We all have our favorites, right? You all know mine is Trader Joe’s, with Whole Foods in second place. I’ll take any chance I get to stop in one if their close to where we’re staying. However, we’ve found a third favorite recently in the state of Maine, called Hannaford. Well laid out, a great selection of organics and fresh produce, and they basically have EVERYTHING!! And they have my favorite Oat Milk (yes, I’ve joined the Oat Milk bandwagon). It’s called Oatley, and believe me, after trying a multitude of wanne be oatmilks, Oatley is hands down the best. Make sure to try the “full-fat” version….big difference. Love it in my coffee and cereal. Anyway, at checkout, I just had to ask my burning question to the clerk…..are Kennebunk and Kennebunkport the same? I thought that Kennebunk was just “short” for Kennebunkport. His reply, “No, they are not the same.” Though they are near each other, they are 2 completely different cities. Kennebunk is more inland, whereas Kennebunkport is on the coast. Mystery solved. But it still leaves me to wonder why you would have 2 towns so similarly named and within close proximity to each other??

When we arrived back at our campsite, we met our fellow campers and Lance owners…..Tim and Betty. They are from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts and decided to come to Maine (again) for a nice Fall visit. He’s been retired for about 4 years now from broadcasting (I could tell by his standout voice), and new to RV’ing. They are thrilled that they were able to find a Lance, period, on the East Coast and by default, too. It was fun comparing notes on our trailers and exchanging sightseeing ideas for Maine. Hope to share an evening campfire with them before they leave on Saturday.

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