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Divide and Conquer

~Wednesday, November 17, 2021~

Day 521

A beautiful morning at Magnolia Beach with a bit more wind. We had a 10:00 appointment at the Ford Dealership in Port Lavaca (about 15 minutes from Magnolia Beach). Since we were due for an oil change and tire rotation, it was perfect that we were so close to a Ford facility to get the work done with a lot more driving ahead of us. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we took care of these maintenance items, but we’ve really been racking up the miles lately trying to get west. In the past, Jeff has always changed the oil himself, but we’ve come to find out that it is a little cheaper and way more convenient to just take it in, especially full-time RV’ing.

While Jeff took care of the truck stuff and grocery shopping, Sadie and I stayed back to keep an eye on the fort. I had a lot to catch up on with our blog and paperwork, so it was good to divide and conquer. Plus, with our rig being so exposed on the beach from a safety standpoint, we thought it would be best to have someone stay back to keep a watchful eye on things. Our Alaska neighbor moved on, but we acquired a new neighbor….an older woman and her dog from Texas in a truck camper. And man what a talker. She seemed very concerned about what appeared to be jellyfish in the water, but without tentacles. But then she said, “Well, maybe they’re not jellyfish since they don’t have tentacles on them.” As far as I know, there are some jellyfish without tentacles and that don’t sting. Anyway, I never saw any, but she couldn’t stop talking about them. Quite the worrying type.

The highlight of the day for us, was walking the beach at sunset with what appeared to be an almost full moon. It was so pretty watching the water glisten by the light of the moon. Just as we got back, we noticed a large cargo ship that had passed our beach way in the distance, only to bring us quite a wake from its path. I guess that’s one of the reasons these ships travel so slowly, or else our trailer would have gotten quite the dousing.

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