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~Monday, September 28, 2020~

Day 106

The more we dry camp, the more we're enjoying it. I’m relishing more peace and quiet along with my hubby (I could be anywhere with him), being disconnected from the outside world. It’s nice not hearing about COVID every second of the day, or about the latest riot, etc., etc. I’m letting beauty and being in the moment distract me. No internet, no phones, and no t.v. (which we normally don’t watch much). Most full time RVer’s that Jeff follows on social media refuse to dry camp where there is no cell service with the likely reason they have 100,000 plus followers whose interest they have to pique on a nearly daily basis. I don’t want that kind of pressure even though we’re also doing a traveling blog. For them, I think it’s more than a hobby. It’s an income generator with sponsors and subscribers. Jeff and I did consider that avenue while we’re traveling for the year, but thought it would likely be all consuming and wanted to be fully immersed in this experience.

We had a day of just hanging at the campsite. It’s a very quiet day around here as most RVer’s have gone home. I get a little nervous knowing we don’t have more neighbors, but it is nice not having the flow of traffic go by our site like they were over the weekend. I spent the day editing photos and finally catching up on 3 months of receipts/paperwork. Let’s just say I at least put a dent in it. We ended the day with a sunset walk which again was stunning. I think during the 45 minute walk, we only saw one car pass us on the dirt road, and we saw 2 RV’s remaining in the whole area. It is Monday after all.

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