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Detours Can Be The Best

~Tuesday, April 27, 2021~

Day 317

We met our very nice neighbor, Grace from Marathon, FL. She is traveling solo the next few months in her van with nothing more than a bed, a bucket and a cooler. She is in her mid-70’s trying to take a break from her hectic world of real estate. She said after 40 years of doing what she’s doing, it’s time to take a break, with an open agenda. How cool is that?

Time to get a few errands taken care of and my oh my, Asheville is the place to do it. This city has everything. The city is very well laid out, without the presence of strip malls, but more of a villagy layout. We accidentally took a detour through a stunning neighborhood, which we made note of, just because we missed one of our exits. Sometimes these are the best opportunities to see what you otherwise may not have. Our first stop…..REI for a new pair of sunglasses for me. I know what you’re thinking…...Inger must have lost or broke her pair. No, I didn’t lose them, but after owning this pair for over 5 years, looking through scratched lenses, and the fact I only spent $20 bucks on them, I’d say it was time. Jeff also happened to find a nice casual button-up shirt for those warmer summer days/evenings. And this REI is one of the best we’ve been to. Next was Wal-Mart which seems to be the only place that sells quick dissolving toilet paper for RV’s. Next, and worth the extra 20-minute drive, was Trader Joe’s. Gosh, I wish we had a bigger fridge. And last, was Best Buy. Yes folks, we finally caved, and purchased a We Boost. Jeff had bought one for me last Christmas with the fact that I do so much work on my computer/cell phone with not always the best reception. The We Boost will take us from 1 bar to 4 bars. The misconception is a lot of travelers think that if they get one of these handy little devices, that it will give you reception in zero reception zones. You at least have to have some sort of signal to boost from. The general manager said they have a hard time keeping these in stock. With that being said, we had to order it where it will come in on Saturday (2 days before we leave). So it’s perfect.

We also spent a little time planning what we want to see while we’re here. We really want to explore more of Brevard, Asheville and Hendersonville and possibly some other tinier suburbs of Asheville for real estate. One thing we were told is a must, is to check out the Biltmore Estate by the Vanderbilts. It is the largest home ever built in the U.S. So we can’t wait for that tour on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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