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~Tuesday, March 9, 2021~

Day 268

It’s killin’ us that we are in this amazing city of Charleston, and making the decision to have one more day of planning/booking reservations for the months ahead, but also to give the trailer and Hank (the truck) some TLC. It is tempting to head out and just go play. But seriously, we could use that excuse mostly anywhere, and get nothing done. So, we’re sorry that we have nothing exciting to report for today, but instead will bore you with more chore details. It’s all part of the trip right?

It has been months since the truck has been detailed…..full of dog hair, sand, dirt, dog spooges, you name it. And with Hank just having his 1 year birthday, had still never been waxed. Way overdue, so it’s time.

It’s the least we could do considering how good he’s been to us, helping us get to some amazing destinations…...some sites unseen and some familiar. We don’t take one day for granted that we have a diesel tow-vehicle that just happily rumbles along, day in, day out.

With a load of laundry going, and Jeff working on the plans for our Michigan month, I also decided to clean the trailer windows inside and out and detail the awning arms which were no longer looking white. Things are looking mighty spiffy around here. Anytime you’re working on your vehicles is a great way to meet your neighbors as we got a few requests to wash theirs as well 🚘🧽💦.

We had every intention to make a campfire 🔥tonight, but with working until dark and another European time dinner, we’ll have to postpone it for yet another day.

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