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Day 300!!

~Saturday, April 10, 2021~

👏 ‼️Day 300‼️ 🥳

We did it everyone! We’re at day 300, and boy have we packed in a lot. It sure doesn’t feel like day 300, which is a good thing. It’s a little hard to explain, but our guess is because we’re always doing new things, it makes time feel different. And though the original plan was to spend 352 days seeking out new adventures, we’ve decided to extend the trip until the housing market calms down. We’ll have to see what unfolds. Thanks for hanging in there with us and hope you continue to stay interested.

We had a funtastik day with Easton at a beautiful park in Mahomet called Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve. We had taken a peek at this park just a few days ago, while driving back to our campground. Just a minutes walk from where we’re staying in Mahomet, this 900-acre park is quite a beauty with endless bike riding trails, bridges (we actually drove through our first covered bridge here), botanical garden and museum. It was a gloomy, rainy day, but all of us were game, nonetheless, to watch Easton

have fun puddle jumping and motor around on his tricycle (see video).

The kids had a lot of things to take care of, as did we, so we decided to meet up tomorrow. We finally got the new shower curtain in the mail, so hopefully that installation will go smoothly. The shower curtain itself was working great. But, the design of it is very poor. I have tried everything to clean the interior flap at the base of the curtain. Water has been accumulating on the inside, causing unsightly mildew, leaving us no alternative than to get a new one. The difference this go around, is adding a silicone bead at the top of the flap above the stitching, so that water will not get in there. Not sure why they don’t add this from the factory, or come up with a better design.

In any case, it will be nice not having to look at mildew.

Jeff was completely in the mood to cook (lucky me!). Tonight’s selection…...cream of mushroom soup. With 5 varieties of mushroom, it was absolutely delicious. Perfect for a cold, drizzly day.

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