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Dancing Forest

~Monday, August 1, 2022~

Day 778

Day 42 of Alaska Trip

A yukky, rainy kind of day. The fact we have a very shaded campsite doesn’t help with the already cloudy skies. So we agreed it was a good day to take a break from sightseeing and stay “home”. We don’t have any cell/internet service here without using our WeBoost, but luckily I am able to work offline with my Google Drive and my Apple Photo App. Otherwise, I’d be writing by hand. So my day was trying to catch up on 4 days of writing and shrinking 1-½ hours of film to 5 minutes of our recent fjord tour (a time-consuming task). For Jeff, it was a day of reading and making his No. 1 dish……Spaghetti. I swear, he makes the best sauce. For years, we hosted a Chili Cookoff in our hometown of Napa. Maybe when we finally buy our next home, we can host a spaghetti throwdown! I know I’m partial, but it would take a miracle for anyone to beat my number 1 chef!

After dinner, we discovered an incredible bike/walking trail along the Williwaw Creek that we picked up right from our campground. Since it was already getting a little dark (remember, we eat late), we didn’t go more than a few miles. I really didn’t feel like mingling with those bears you know. Aside from 2 other people we passed on the trail, we were it. The light bluish colored creek against the dense forest of ferns and moss was just gorgeous. On occasion, the forest would open up enough for us to get glimpses of the Kenai Mountains that shoot straight up from the forest floor and the white, ribbony waterfalls that dance through them. Even the wooden bridges and walkways were stunning in their setting. Not a bad way to end the day!

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