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Crazy Light Show!

~Wednesday, December 23, 2020~

Day 192

A day getting settled into our new forest setting.

This place is really a pleasant surprise. It reminds us a little of Sugar Pine Point Campground in Lake Tahoe (our annual summer retreat for years), but with the campsites much further apart and more hidden between columns of trees.

The downside to being situated between so many trees, means very little sun and thus, light in our trailer. And this time of year is when you’d like a little more of both. But we have plenty of sources of heat with the electric fireplace and our handy dandy little space heater.

We spent the morning coming up with our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus…..stay tuned with photos, videos and posts. And maybe we’ll even share a few recipes…….got a dollar? While Jeff tackled the grocery shopping in line with all of those last minute holiday shoppers (and does he HATE shopping), I sat quietly in our cozy little space with Sadie catching up on overdue paperwork and taking care of business. Somewhere in there, Sadie and I took a break and walked over to the office to get our site tags and meet the ladies of Grand Bayou Resort. This place is huge and offers a lot of amenities and would imagine this place is bustling during the summer months. The lake level is normally low at this time of year, but is enough to warrant a nice view for those campers who like a little waterfront perspective. The ladies mentioned that they’ve never seen alligators first hand, but know there are some across the lake. Who’s to say, they wouldn’t venture over to our side? I think we’re best to just look from a distance. 😝

Upon my husband’s arrival with a truckload of goodies (he might as well have been Santa), it really was perfect timing. The winds really picked up (making me a little nervous being parked under trees), the sky grew darker, and the light show began. The last time I saw this kind of lightning was in Florida years ago, when we took our kids to Disneyworld for a family vacation. The deluge of rain was quite something, and from the trailer, it sounded like the roof was going to cave in. Poor Sadie didn’t find it fascinating in the least as she jumped up on the bed to her cozy spot. We knew we’d be in for some crazy weather once we got past Texas, so here we go!

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