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Comfortable Digs

~Monday, July 6, 2020~

Day 22

We had a few Amazon packages mistakenly delivered to our RV site last night so returned them to the office this morning. Apparently, they’ve had a problem with deliveries. Then we took Sadie to have some fun time at the dog run and the river that is behind the RV park. Bonus….lots of butterflies to chase too. While Sadie played, we read about the history of the area. It’s amazing with the desert and all that the Native Americans even found this precious resource of water here called Los Coches Creek surrounded by small cliffs. These small cliffs are now home to Los Coches RV Park.

Not too much to write about today that would be of interest to you. But I’ll tell you anyway. I headed out for my quest to find the perfect pillows for the living area, and to find other homey stuff for the trailer. Better to get it done now so we can

1. Enjoy the hominess of our rig right away

2. Shop while we have access to TJMaxx and Homegoods plus where better to shop than beautiful San Diego?

It was pretty flippin’ hot today and felt bad for Jeff that today was the day to install the vent covers on the roof. It helped that our site has afternoon shade. We chose “smoked” tinted instead of black vent covers

because we thought it would give us more light inside the trailer. They do make them in white, but didn’t think they would look nice. Yes, aesthetics are important too :-)) Jeff was very happy he didn’t need to screw anything into the roof to put these on. Yeah! In the process, he also came up with a handy trick while up on the roof or for any future project that requires you to kneel or go barefoot. He had an old backpacking mattress pad that used to be his dad’s (it still faintly reads “DAD” on it so we know he’s looking out for us), that can be stored flat or rolled up, and is long enough for foot comfort if you don’t want to wear shoes while up on the roof of your rig. Nice tip! Jeff also installed cable locks on the surge protector, collapsible cookstove, bikes, ladder, generator, etc. to deter or stall would-be hoodlums.

My shopping day in beautiful San Diego was a success and a lot cooler (only 75 degrees). I found most everything on my list. We were hoping I’d be back in time to also give the truck a bath, but that didn’t happen. So tomorrow it will be.

We took a dusk time stroll then had a delicious Indian dinner thanks to chef Trader Joe’s. Everyday, we’re amazed that we get to do this, along with growing to love living out of our Lance.

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