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Chores and Sunsets

~Wednesday, December 2, 2020~

Day 171

Not much to report today as it was a day of finishing up odds and ends like laundry and fridge defrosting, before leaving for Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow. Got to take advantage of our RV park’s hookups and services before our upcoming 3 days of dry camping. RV parks typically charge less for laundry services than laundromats. This one…..$2.00/load for washing and drying. We’ve paid as much as $4.50 to $6.00 load at laundromats. And it’s nice having the convenience of being able to walk minutes from our RV site.

While Jeff finished up waxing the outside of the rig, I finally tackled defrosting the fridge/freezer. The reality is this should be done once a month or at the most every two months to prevent the fridge from having to work too hard. Your first clue is ice accumulation at the back of the freezer. But in RV’s, there are a series of fins at the top shelf inside the fridge, that also can ice over.

That melted ice is what drips from the hose to the outside. The manual tells you not to use a blow dryer since the heat can damage the fins and plastic. I do it anyway, making sure that the blow dryer is just circulating warm air, not blasting directly on the surface. So far, so good, and it works fast. I’m telling you, hairstyling tools really do come in handy sometimes.

We did manage to fit in a little walk at sunset with Sadie.

It was then that we decided to stay an extra day to fit in a few more things we didn’t get to do yet, like seeing Saguaro National Park.

At the end of the day, we made a delicious dinner of spring greens, green beans, blue cheese, almonds, tomatoes, cranberries, and croutons with our homemade balsamic/oil dressing and some strips of New York steak on top for Jeff’s. Yum! 😋

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