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Chores and a Delicious Dinner

~Sunday, January 17, 2021

Day 217

You know how it goes, when you set out to clean one thing, that somehow evolves into a myriad of other things? Well, that happened to me today. Since Jeff had his list that I knew would take most of the day, which did not include a bike ride on the Nature Coast Trail nor a visit to Cedar Keys, I might as well join in and give the trailer a good deep cleaning. Hmmm… you think the football playoffs had anything to do with that? And cleaning always goes smoother when we have full hookups. We’ve noticed the longer we stay anywhere the more settled in and spread out everything gets, which leads to a longer site break down process. Oh well….I’d rather have that problem than move around alot.

With cool brewskies and an Ipad set up outside, Jeff was all set to tackle his duties. One thing that can now be crossed off the list is the tire monitor installation. This monitor has caused us more trouble than not, and not by virtue of use. When we had our transmission debacle way back at the beginning of the trip, we lost the monitor when transferring things from our truck to the loaner truck, never to be found again. This does you no good when you have the sensors on the tires and no way to read how the tires are doing. So we ordered a second one (monitor only), only to have that get lost in the mail. After a month of trying to resolve the tracking issue on it, to no avail, we had to order a third one. Third times a charm...right? Yes, now we’re back in business as of today. And the tires are now set to their correct pressure.

Football results: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat New Orleans Saints and the GreenBay Packers beat the LA Rams. I really wanted New Orleans to win since it’s likely Drew Brees will retire after this year. At 42, he has had quite a stellar football career. But going out not winning your final game…….maybe this won’t be the end.

With all chores done and ready to hit the road manana, we made a delicious dinner of salmon with balsamic vinegar glaze, baked potato and asparagus! Yum😋

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