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Chillin' & Grillin'

~Monday, March 20, 2023~

Day 1,010

Never would we have thought we’d be pulling out a space heater in Florida. But we had a low last night of about 55 stemming from a temporary cold snap. The weather sure has been erratic this year, yes? Being in Florida, I guess we should enjoy the lower temps while we can.

While eating a delicious breakfast prepared by Jeffrey, we enjoyed our surroundings of a dense, green forest with just enough light shining through. A cute fuzzy caterpillar decided to pay me a visit, hoping to get a morsel I’m sure. Little did we know the forest is FULL of them. More on that in a future post.

Having packed a lot into our time in The Keys, it was nice to just have a chillin’ while grillin’ kind of day at the campsite, even though this park is begging us to explore. A nice perk was the camphosts coming around on their golf carts offering firewood bundles ($8) and ice ($2). Do they give change for laundry too? The firewood offering reminded Jeff that we needed a new ax to replace the one that got left behind a few campgrounds ago. Hmmm…..or is this a ploy to get new and improved tools? I guess the single lane road to get into town drove Jeff batty with a 20-minute backup, with almost an urge to turn around. This is just another example of overcrowded roads in Florida.

Happy to have cell service in our sort of remote campground, we took care of a few phone calls and a little paperwork before launching into a game of dominoes (Jeff won!)And surprisingly for us, having dinner at a reasonable hour was a welcome change…..yummy grilled salmon with a light garlicky basil/olive oil sauce mixed with cherry tomatoes, a side of thin fettuccine noodles and asparagus, paired with one of our favorite South African Syrah’s…..”The Chocolate Block”, all while rehashing our time in Alaska. We can’t tell you how impactful that whole experience was for us and know we’ll be talking about it for years to come, hopefully over another glass of CB.

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