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~Thursday, January 7, 2020~

Day 207

An overcast day which is a good day for chores. At the sacrifice of not giving you much to read about in the next few days, we’re happy to be tackling the to-do list that has kept expanding these past few months. That’s what happens when you’re out being tourist. But someone’s got to do it right? You guys saw the list, right? If not, see yesterday’s post. By the way, the list is in no particular order. Today…………...

  1. Jeff-Caulking the sinks in both the vanity and the kitchen. We just assumed these would be taken care of when they manufactured the Lance. We have to believe it would be on a checklist somewhere. Somehow ours got missed. Because of it, we incurred water damage where the kitchen sink and counter meet. The counter was bubbling from the underlay absorbing too much water, which meant having to replace the entire countertop. Since we first discovered the warping, it has gone down significantly almost to the point of no longer being visible, thus questioning if we need a replacement at all. If you recall on our last trip to Riverside, CA for repairs, they had a new counter ready for installation. The problem….it was the wrong color/finish, and not attractive at all. So, we completely rejected the whole idea of a substitution. Once we knew we wouldn’t be getting a replacement countertop, Jeff added “caulking” to the task list.

  2. Jeff-cleaned and treated all of the slide brackets

  3. Jeff-cleaned all of the screws on the stabilizers so the mechanism that drops them continues to run smoothly. Gosh, we’d hate to manually do this (but it is doable).

  4. Inger- ✻LAUNDRY DAY✻ Unfortunately, the laundry facilities at our park are closed for the week due to maintenance/repairs, and our laundry 🧺can’t wait another day. Luckily, there is the An Old Towne Laundromat, only minutes from our spot. And the best part, only $1.75/load for top loads and $2.75/load for front loaders. I prefer front loading machines as I think it’s gentler on your clothes, but the capacity was way too small. So I switched everything over to the top loaders with exception of the “delicates”. I think this task took me an extra 10 minutes, I swear, just because I couldn’t make up my mind of which darn machine to use. Wouldn’t you know it, but just as I was wrapping stuff up, the rain began to pour. Fortunately, it broke in time for me to load all of our clean/dry clothes into the car, before resuming again. But here’s the funny part and one I’m hesitant to admit…...when I was putting away our clothes, I noticed the amount of underwear and socks in the drawers weren’t adding up. Oh my goodness, did I forget to grab the dirty clothes from the actual laundry CABINET? I’ve done this before when I’m in a hurry and when it appears I already have a lot of laundry to begin with. Jeff and I also keep a backup laundry storage bag in our bedroom when the main cabinet is full. Obviously, the bag was what I was focused on since that was overflowing…...that and sheets and towels. Ugh… back to the laundromat we go tomorrow.

To cap off our day, we made a delicious dinner of Terriyaki Ahi with onion/zucchini/garlic brown rice and sauteed broccoli. Yes….another delicious dinner and yes….another 9:00 p.m.’er.

Stay tuned for more fun-filled details of our chore adventures!

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