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Celebrating Too Early

~Saturday, February 6, 2021~

Day 237

A dull, yucky, windy, cold day which would be a perfect opportunity to tackle a few things on the homefront. It’s nice not to be rushing off somewhere today since we’re on touring overload. While I caught up on some overdue Instagram/Facebook posts and writing, Jeff thought it was time to get the “honey-do list” out. One concerning item……..the heater issue.

I think it’s been a little over a month without the propane heater use. One day, we turned it on to find the motor and blower working, but without any heat. Thank goodness we have other heating options with the electric fireplace and portable space heater. Thus, our reliance on electric hookups has been a little higher than usual. Now wouldn’t that be nice… extra fireplace in the bedroom but think you have to buy a Class A motorhome to get it. O.k. Lance….let’s get on that. Most homes don’t even have a second fireplace in them… what am I saying? Oh no, am I becoming an RV fireplace snob? I guess this gloomy weather is really getting to me.

After a few celebratory fist pumps ✊and arms raised up “Rocky style” 🙌thinking he had a slam dunk on the repair, things came to a grinding halt. Just when he asked me to film a recap of what he did to fix it, it stopped working. (see video). One day we’ll look back on it and laugh I’m sure, but for now, things are not looking too funny. There’s nothing more that frustrates Jeff than not being able to fix something. I’m sure there will be a few restless hours of sleep tonight because of it.

So…...I thought it was a good time for me to exit and hit the grocery store to leave my husband with his troubleshooting thoughts 🤔

The original fix appeared to be simple: removing accumulated dog hair on the sail switch. After looking at a few Youtube videos, Jeff discovered another RV owner’s problem with dog hair affecting his heater. And there wasn’t a lot of hair on ours, but just enough to prevent it from being triggered. In the blower part of the furnace, when the sail switch is triggered, it signals the gas to be turned on. The blower would just run without the propane, thus no heat. Removing the hair seemed to do the trick at first, but then, the gas would stop intermittently. Could it possibly have something to do with hitting the reset switch? Stay tuned.

Getting ready for the big Super Bowl game tomorrow. Pulled pork prep tonight…..slow roast for 12 hours, along with potato skins and a homemade ravioli soup. Yum!

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