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Catching Up

~Sunday, July 18, 2021~

Day 399

Well, you know when the sun is orange and not its normal tint, it must be smoke. It appears our original clear blue skies that we experienced the first days we were here, are giving into grey dinginess.

Thank goodness the smoke is high in the atmosphere, so we’re not smelling any of it….yet!

We’re really enjoying our time at this chill campground in Curtis, MI. Thank goodness, I’ve been able to get pretty good reception with the resort’s wi-fi, especially since we don’t have the We-Boost completely dialed in (we’re waiting to get to Hannah’s in Illinois, to pick up the cord we had to order. The one that came with the We-Boost was too short for our rig). It definitely feels good to get some much needed overdue stuff checked off the list; me…..bills/phone calls/budget stuff while Jeff cleaned out and reorganized the truck. After being on the road over a year, you accumulate more and more stuff, and realize that there is a great deal that is not being used, but just adding unnecessary weight to either the trailer or the truck. So when we arrive back in California this December, we’ll be revisiting the storage unit to drop off some unneeded gear, unneeded at least for the trip.

So nice to catch up with my mom this evening while we were down at the water playing with Sadie. It had been weeks since I talked to my BFF, so it was great catching up with her as well. Obviously, we had much to share, since we were on the phone for over 4 hours. 🤪❤️Miss that girl!

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