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Casino Camping

~Saturday, November 14, 2020~

Day 153 (Travel Day)

Goodbye Santa Fe. Thanks for being a great host to us as we saw sights previously unseen, some time to slow down and do more route planning, and the affirming that we could make this place a new home for us. Definitely in the top 5.

With the convenience of having fresh water at our site in Santa Fe, we decided to fully fill the freshwater tank to supply us for the next 5-6 days of boondocking in Sedona. The problem with that is the extra 400-500 pounds of weight you are carrying. I did notice a big difference in the mileage from 14-15 miles/gallon without water, down to 9-11 miles/gallon carrying it. With the 6 hour drive, we knew we were not going to make it to our boondocking site before dark, so we stayed at Twin Arrows Casino Resort in Sedona, AZ

which means about a 1-½ hour drive to our dry camping spot in the morning. Despite their closure due to COVID, Twin Arrows is being generous enough to allow RVer’s and semi drivers to still stay overnight at their HUGE parking lot and it was way nicer than the last casino spot we stayed at in Espanola, NM. I just felt safer at this location.

Since we were not unhitching, we found the perfect flat spot that allowed us to put the slides out. As most of you know, you NEVER should put your slides out unless you are completely level as you can tweak the mechanism/framing. As we got settled in, Sadie was so excited that she had the whole parking lot to herself to chase the ball. As the night wore on, I was happy to see a few more travelers show up. After we got settled in for the night, I whipped up a delicious bowl of guacamole to use up the over-ripened avocados and Jeff put together a wonderful homemade pizza all while we watched a little college football.

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