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Casino Camping

~Wednesday, August 5, 2020~

Day 52 (travel day)

An early morning to get the show on the road. Jeff and I are definitely getting faster with breakdown. But first, a drive to Camping World for a 50A to 15A adapter for times we want to mooch power off of our friends like Mimi and Dave in Newberg who we’re about to visit. Today, breakfast was completely on Starbucks. Those reward points sure come in handy.

Now for the long 600 mile journey to Yreka. This will allow us less driving time the following day to get to our long-time friends, Mimi and Dave’s home in Newberg, OR. Jeff drove the majority of the way, with me taking the last leg after our yummy dinner of Taco Bell. I can’t remember the last time I ate there. Luckily, they make a vegetarian taco salad that wasn’t half bad.

We pulled into the Rain Rock Casino parking lot around 9:30.

It’s a small casino in comparison to how huge the parking lot is. There were maybe 7 other RV’s there in one section and semi’s in another. Very safe and quiet. Jeff had read that casinos are an excellent choice for a free overnight stay, that many RV travelers overlook. It’s perfect if all you need is a place to lay your head, and/or enjoy a little blackjack. It doesn’t hurt to patronize the places that offer you a free night of comfort.

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