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Can't Get Enough of the Everglades

~Wednesday, February 17, 2021~

Day 248 (Travel Day)

Well folks, we’re headed back to the Everglades area for an overnight stay at our familiar campsite of Long Key Pines State Park. This quick stopover will ensure we have as much of a full day, as possible, on Thursday, at Fiesta Key Resort in The Florida Keys. Today’s drive was 5-½ hours. Tomorrow’s drive to Fiesta…..90 minutes, with a check in time of noon. With how expensive camping in The Keys is this time of year, we feel it necessary to take full advantage of all the amenities in our limited 3 days there.

Today’s drive went pretty smooth with Jeff at the helm the first 2 hours of driving. I took the latter portion. We made one pit stop at an island gas station (the gas stations are in the middle of the highway making it easily accessible in either direction. While trying to fill up with diesel, Jeff discovered a zip tie around the handle, holding it in the up position. I thought it was a “candid camera” kind of moment since it appeared the pump was in working order, except for the handle. So Jeff went back in to have someone come out to take a look at it. The only thing the attendant could figure, is that the professional truck driver before us probably couldn’t keep the lever clip in place to automatically pump the gasoline, so put on the ziptie to hold it in the up position. Ah…..clever. But, ‘ya think he could have removed it when he was done, for the next guy (us).

I don’t know what most people’s experience is driving in Florida. But when in southern Florida, I’ve noticed the drivers are crazy fast, and fast lane changers. In fact, I had one incident today while I was driving…...I was in the second lane from the right, with a fast driver in the next lane to my left, moved back into my lane a little too early that it forced me to brake suddenly to avoid him clipping the front of the truck (not good when towing). If I hadn’t braked, he would have definitely hit us.

Whoever has the latter part of the drive is usually the one who gets to back into the new site. Today, that would be me. I’m a little out of practice and wouldn’t you know…..the back-in at this site was on the passenger side, which is a much harder perspective to deal with. But I did it in 2 tries in about 5 minutes. Following the pavement line and hubby’s hand signals helped. But what we really need is to pull out those walkie talkies we purchased at the beginning of the trip and have never used. 🤨

Luckily, our site was pretty level side to side, so we didn’t need to add leveler blocks. Yes, we did decide to pull out the slides even though we’re only staying one night. It’s just too claustrophobic otherwise. Beautiful night, but I’m afraid we’re back to mosquito land again. Even with repellent on, they’re still so irritating. You’d think once the sun went down, they’d go back to wherever they came from, but think they take great satisfaction in irritating you. Can’t imagine what this buggy zone is like in the summer. 🦟😳

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