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Can't Beat the Views!

~Sunday, June 6, 2021~

Day 357

We’re due for some lightning today. So it looks like a fun boat ride on Lake Chickamauga is out of the question. It’s probably better anyway, since this is our last day at our primo site and we want to soak it all up. The rain came, the sun came….it’s basically all over the place. But whatever it decided to do, it was a perfect day to enjoy the view while catching up on paperwork and website stuff.

It’s been a pretty busy month so I feel I’m always playing catch up. It’s actually been quite nice not having my daily ritual of checking in on social media, though I wouldn’t mind seeing what everyone has been up to. At least I’m caught up on my posts.

There was a slight panic in the “neighborhood” when our neighbors, Karen and Matthew, hadn't seen their son arrive back when promised. They finally had to split up their search, while Jeff and I stayed on the lookout from our vantage point. Apparently he was just around the corner and lost track of time while fishing. Hopefully he didn’t get in too much trouble. Honestly, I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable with my 10-year old kayaking alone. 😦 Later in the day, Matthew stopped by to give us parting gifts from his business, “Big Woody’s Tree Service”; a hat and a Swiss army knife. Man, what a nice guy. Matthew is the park’s “tree” guy, so he gets a few perks from the park, where he’s allowed to leave his RV unoccupied during the week while at work, then returns to the campground for the weekends. Nice arrangement. He said if we ever had any questions about the area, do not hesitate giving him a call. He definitely falls into the category of “Southern Hospitality”.

Next up….a little fridge restocking. Food Lion or Publix? Prefer Publix (a little more enjoyable shopping and not much more expensive). What’s killing our food budget is not being able to buy in bulk and a greater frequency in shopping trips. We just don’t have the space to buy in large quantities. If anyone has any tips…..we’re all ears.

After our shopping spree, Jeff was anxious to make something a little more unique from our usual RV fare…..Chimichangas it is. But in hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best night to do it. With the A/C on, and all of the cooking gear at his fingertips, he opted to cook indoors, which meant he was shut off from the gorgeous lake views. We had a campfire blazin’ until the wind decided to shift towards the trailer, which meant the A/C was sucking in all the smoke. The smoke alarm must have gone off 5 times because of it. Time to open all the windows and fan the smoke out, but then you’re back to an 85 degree/humid kitchen. If you’ve never made Chimichangas, be prepared for a 3-4 hour prep time, and it’s one of those meals that you better make 30 instead of 4 since you’re going to all the trouble. Tonight would have been the night to just make sandwiches and call it a night…….BY THE LAKE.

Poured, poured, poured from about 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. But the rain wasn’t, apparently, the only entertainment. I was still awake working on projects with the blinds shut, and Jeff asleep until he heard the sound of mumbling outside our trailer. Not sure how he heard this with the background rain noise. Peeking through his window he wasn’t expecting to see what he saw… older woman, right across from our campsite, walking around naked. Shortly after, Jeff saw her husband leading her back in the trailer. Someone must have called the police during that time, since 2 rangers showed up patrolling the area, only to quickly leave. So sad. She probably has a form of dementia.

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