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Campfires With Fires?

~Saturday, July 17, 2021~

Day 398

Not much to report from Curtis, MI. Basically working on post catch ups with my molasses slow band-width, so the process is taking longer because of it. Jeff headed to the propane store to finally have the propane tanks filled with the help of a young kid who was super eager to help (a rare thing these days). Unfortunately, he had to drive 30 miles to a grocery store that sold more than just bread and milk (that’s kinda where we are); the downside to enjoying the remote wilderness.

It appears we are getting smoke, high smoke, from the Oregon fire. I feel so sorry for the residents, the animals and the firefighters having to deal with these calamities in The West. Hope Tim and Tracy are doing o.k. and that they’re far enough from it. I guess it’s sort of ironic to say that we enjoyed a campfire this evening. We got these wonderful little fire starters

that the campground provided, that were shredded newspaper coated in wax. And they worked great. We had a wonderful meal of spaghetti with Jeff’s homemade sauce. I’m so blessed to have a husband that loves to cook. We seem to balance that one out where I enjoy my time in the kitchen when Jeff doesn’t quite feel in the mood, and vice versa.

So far, this campground has lent itself to giving us some space and time to get caught up on things. I know it seems crazy to say we need a break from the “fun excursions”, but believe me, when you’re fitting in as much as we are, you definitely need it. Balance is key.

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