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Calm Waters, Calm Us

~Tuesday, July 27, 2021~

Day 408

As of this morning, our viewfinder to Lake Superior just keeps getting wider, as more people exit. I’m sure those primo spots will be full by day’s end. The water is unusually calm, like glass. I swear everyday I look at this lake, I keep thinking we are looking at an expanse of ocean. Have experienced nothing like it before.

After getting a few things done at our campsite, we drove into the town of Houghton for some groceries, resupply of DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) for the truck, and got gas.

Nothing other than that to report from Hancock, MI.

Another beautiful sunset, but, unfortunately tainted with smoke, giving the sun a much deeper orange hue. Hopefully before we leave the U.P., we can enjoy a clear, blue sky.

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