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Calling Us Back

~Monday, February 22, 2021~

Day 253

The main reason we came back to Long Pine Key Campground was for the sheer beauty of it and thought it to be the perfect way to extend our warm winter. And what could be better than staying in The Everglades?

Takin’ it easy today. If we had known that we would be coming back here, we wouldn’t have tried to pack in so much, originally. We’ve pretty much exhausted what there is to see here with the exception of the 9-mile Kayak Loop Trail and the Long Pine Key Nature trail, hoping that my bike can handle the muddiness. We shall see. The main reason we came back to Long Pine Key campground is because of how beautiful it is, and what could be better than being in The Everglades?

We thought a pancake breakfast was in order…..nothing fancy, but yummy all the same. Nice to have these kinds of breakfasts once a week. Sadie and I had a nice but humid walk near the lake. I’ve actually fallen off my daily hour walks and really miss it. No offense to my hubby but it was nice walking with just Sadie since my pace is about twice as fast as Jeff’s. Nice to get that cardio in, ‘ya know, though it didn’t feel like I’d had a shower at all. Where’s the rain?

Late afternoon we drove to the visitor center to get cell phone/internet service. Took care of a few “business” items then called my mom. Sounds like California and the rest of the country is warming up a bit after the record low’s of the past few weeks. My mom still talks about those flowers my sister and I sent her on Valentine’s Day. Thankfully she got her first COVID vaccine, with very little side effects. Happy to know she is protected and staying safe. She is one tough cookie!

Ah-b-dee, ah-b-dee, ah-b-dee that’s all folks!

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