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Bring Out the Classics!

~Thursday, December 23, 2021~

Day 557

Speaking of traditions, there is one experience we absolutely cannot do without during the Holidays for our own satisfaction and everyone else’s…..baking Christmas cookies. 🍪🎁For years without fail, whoever’s kitchen it is, it is an annual event that my sister, my mom and I look forward to each and every year. With all of the fixings, kitchenware and recipes to do the job, we tackled 5 of our tried and true favorites:

  1. Russian Tea Cakes (snowball cookies)

  2. Jam Thumbprints (my all-time favorite)

  3. Buttery Classic Spritz Cookies

  4. Almond Toffee

  5. Pecan Tart Cookies

But what made the day most special was sharing it with my mom and sister; family, laughter, music and comfortable shoes were just some of the other special ingredients. Between the sampling of our confectionery treats and sips of delicious wine, we had fun reminiscing about the old times. The only mishap of the day was me burning a tray of pecans (at least I’m consistent).

Other than that, everything turned out fabulous. After hours of standing, our tired feet were ready for a break.

A few hours of dinner conversation over some yummy take-out Chinese food seemed to do the trick before our second wind appeared somewhere around 10:30. Being night owls, it wasn’t too difficult keeping up our Holiday spirit as we entered our second phase of baking. I think we finally threw in the towel around 2:30 a.m- all worth sacrificing a little sleep.

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