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Branch Scratches

~Sunday, November 29, 2020~

Day 168

I don’t think there is duck hunting in Arizona, but we woke up to the sound of what sounded like a shooting range nearby (at least that’s what I hope it is). Will have to investigate.

Not much to report here other than a day of pro football at the campsite and exchanging trailer experiences with our neighbor Stan while taking care of our “baby” today. Not Sadie…..our other “baby”. The trailer. Jeff started working on getting those surface scratches off with the Maguire’s product he bought yesterday. He thought he’d give this stuff a shot, even though it wasn’t the ultimate product he wanted (thank goodness they’re not deep). We’ll see what Richardson’s RV has to say about the scratches on the decals and if those can get repaired or replaced.

While Jeff worked on that, I spent most of the day editing our website and starting my online Christmas shopping. Yes folks…..the countdown has begun, though my hubby is not quite ready for holiday decorations to be put up just yet. 26 days till the magic day! 🎄🎅Since we will be on the move, the online shopping will be more convenient for us this year. When I can, I plan on buying from local family owned shops of the towns we’re visiting. They really need our support more than ever this year. It’s sad to see so many businesses struggling more than ever because of COVID.

After a few hours of buffing, Jeff got 95% of the scratches off on one side of the trailer (see our YouTube video or on the website). Yeah…’s working. I think it also helped having Stan and myself cheering him on! It was great meeting Holly, Stan and their pup and will certainly keep in touch.

Looking forward to a day of siteseeing in Tucson tomorrow!

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