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Bad Timing

~Sunday, October 9, 2022~

Day 847

What better way to plan out the rest of our Washington itinerary than with the soothing sound of football playing in the background. The Fall vibe is now complete. Missing the last 2 years of one of his favorite sports, Jeff finally gave in to subscribing to the NFL channel. Secretly, I wished we’d done it sooner as I love cheering on those Niners!! Even though he can only watch it from his phone, it’s still worth it.

Currently, our timing just stinks with all these wildfires in Oregon and Washington. Looking at our “Purple Air” app, it’s amazing that we’ve found this little pocket of clean air in the Olympic Peninsula when the air quality in the rest of the state, including Oregon, is so bad. We’re just crossing our fingers that California maintains clear skies by our arrival in late October. While most of our worry is generally about the weather, we now find ourselves tracking smoke as well. Who knew? Our plans were to stay east of the Cascades in the coming days, to tour Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier where we’ll keep an eye on the air quality driving towards them. From there, we hope to hit Mt. Hood and a return trip to Bend, Oregon, ending our 2022 travels at Sugar Pine Point in West Lake Tahoe (weather permitting); all this before landing back in Napa and El Dorado Hills for the remainder of the year.

With a campsite worth lingering around, we decided to do just that, all while the Olympic Peninsula begs us to explore. There’s just so much to see. But there’s a lot of beauty too in our own “backyard”. A few more RVer’s showed up later in the afternoon, carefully choosing their spots. As tempting as it is, you don’t want to get too close to the river with 5th wheels or big travel trailers for fear of getting stuck in the sand or rocks. In 20 minutes, they were all settled into a perfect spot about 15 feet diagonal to our trailer.

Taking in the soothing river sounds, I too settled into MY spot, outside, with my handy laptop assisting me with some editing on our website; mainly updating our homepage for a Fall look (hope you like it). We’re also working on compiling things for a page solely on Alaska which we hope to have published on our site in the next month or so. Alaska was just so big and such a momentous segment of our 2-½ years on the road, we felt it warranted its own page. So stay tuned. We’ve also made a change to our “older posts'' section where we now list previous posts by state (not by month), with the hope our readers might find it easier to access information to help in their own trip planning. We hope you find it useful or at the very least, entertaining with looking at older posts.

As the sun said goodbye just a little earlier tonight, I’m reminded that daylight savings is soon coming to an end (early November); what a far cry from our “midnight sun” days in Alaska just a few short weeks ago. The Hunter’s Moon appeared big over the hillsides surrounding our river campsite, seemingly larger and more orange than normal. Did you know it gets its name by signaling a time to hunt in preparation for the coming winter? The beauty of this one sure makes up for the Harvest Moon 🍂🌕 we missed last month.

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