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Back to Our Roots

~Thursday, May 13, 2021~

Day 333 (Travel Day)

Left Frisco Campground in the Outer Banks for Chickahominy Riverfront Park in Williamsburg, VA. Even though it’s only 160 miles to Williamsburg, it’s a little over 4 hours of driving time due to stop lights, city traffic and road construction. We’ve been to Williamsburg a few times prior with the kids and can’t wait to revisit some of our favorite spots while adding in a few new ones. One of the highlights on the drive was riding through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that connects Virginia Beach to Cape Charles. Built in 1964, the 17-mile span is the world’s largest bridge-tunnel complex.

When we arrived, we checked in and got the low down of the property and the rules. Really strict dog leash rules (fine is up to $250), the strictest we’ve seen yet. Wherever we go, there are leash rules, but some are way more lenient than others where you use your best judgement. This 140-acre community park has 2 pools, playgrounds, picnicking and riverfront boat access. In fact, there are several sites with views of the Chickahominy River and Gordon Creek. So, it doesn’t hurt to ask if anyone had cancelled one of them. Answer: no. But as it turns out, we really do have a beautiful site. There is a large oak tree providing shade and a huge grassy field right behind our sight so you feel like you have the biggest backyard in the whole world. Apparently this grassy area is used at times for a driving range and event parking for their fishing tournaments. This really is a fisherman’s paradise with fishing piers, boat launches and cleaning stations. The location is right in the heart of the historical section of Williamsburg, so the city is diligent in making sure the area is highly maintained and beautified constantly.

Once I found out that Trader Joe’s was about 8 miles away, it didn’t take long for me to hop in the car and pick up a few of my favorite items. We were low on things anyway. The drive along Highway 5 was stunning, as I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell village. Along the way, I spotted a small portion of the 52-mile long Virginia Capital Trail (can’t wait to check that out), and a few very affluent neighborhoods… called Governor’s Land (Two Rivers). Maybe we’ll check it out one day on our bikes, as it appears this major bike path rides right next to it.

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