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Back to Newberg

~Monday, August 10, 2020~

Day 57

Work day for Tim and Tracy so Jeff and I had to be out of our room by 7:30 so Tracy could use her office (our bedroom). They both have been working full-time from home since COVID. Nice that they have the option. I worked on my posts at their kitchen table while Jeff got a few more zzzz’s. We stayed most of the morning until it was finally time to head out. We didn’t have any long goodbyes since we will be seeing Tim and Tracy again on Tuesday night at Mimi and Dave’s. So we hit the road and headed back to Newberg to see Mimi and Dave again. We were greeted with smiles and just delivered packages that Mimi needed help moving. We had a nice visit catching up on the things we did in Lake Oswego and hearing more about the Newberg area. We wanted to get the trailer completely leveled out and set up to give everyone the grand 5 minute tour, which we will finish tomorrow as we had to head over to Christy and Shane’s home for dinner.

They have a lovely home in Sherwood, just blocks from the mercantile building they are currently working on. They have 2 adorable dogs, named Grute and Penny. Penny is Mimi and Dave’s dog Lucie’s sister. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as we sat on their balcony enjoying food, wine and company. Dinner was spiced salmon, mashed potatoes, potato salad, green beans and chocolate cake Mimi had brought for dessert. Thank goodness the story of Shane’s torn hamstring injury/surgery was AFTER we ate.

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