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~Saturday, August 1, 2020~

Day 48 (Travel Day)

Yeah. Finally getting out of Bakersfield for a few days and looking forward to seeing my madre. After we battened down the hatches at our space, we first took a trip to the Ford dealership just to see if the truck was still in the parking lot and it was. Their workload looks huge based on the number of cars we see in the parking lot. So just as we thought, they weren’t able to get started with the truck on Friday, which Omar forewarned us about. But, knowing we had a weekend away helped ease the pain. We stopped to get a bite and let Sadie run a bit before we arrived in El Dorado Hills. It really is unbelievable that we are 48 days into our trip and we’re still in California. If everything had gone according to plan, we’d be in Wyoming, Montana or somewhere in that vicinity by now. Anyway, plans change, and you just have to roll with it, right?

It was so nice to see mom again. We arrived about 5:00 with hugs and a hyper welcome by my mom’s cocker spaniel, Bella. Sadie is probably very confused about being back. Anyway, we had a great visit. Mom made us a delicious new soup called Pasta Fagioli, and is a meal in itself. Definitely binder worthy, so I had to ask for a copy of the recipe. It will be perfect on those cold RV nights. And of course, when you’re back at mom’s, you have to catch up on a little laundry. Looking forward to our old stomping ground, Lake Tahoe tomorrow.

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