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Back in Business

~Friday, January 13, 2023~

Day 944

So thrilled to be back to one of the most beautiful deserts……..the Sonoran Desert and our campsite at Lost Dutchman. The Superstition Wilderness gives us a stunning view from our front window in the rig.

As you may recall, about a year ago, this rugged mesa rock formation gave us a run for our money last year, when we climbed to the top of FlatIron peak. A tough hike but one I’d still do again, despite the fact I lost two toenails because of it. It was one steep mountain. So this time, I only enjoy the views from below.

We’re in for a few days of low 70’s and sunshine with the rain set to begin on Sunday. It’s been quite interesting to go from RV living to living out of a suitcase these past few months, visiting friends and family. Between what we brought with us while staying at my mom’s and the gifts from Christmas, we have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do to settle back into our RV lifestyle again; now to decide which clothes go in the closet since we’re moving through varying climates.

Jeff’s #1 goal for today was installing our new toilet that we’ve been hauling around for some time. Yay!! No more funky ways in trying to flush the toilet.

But while working on projects, Jeff met our neighbors Jinny and Alex from none other than Lake Oswego, OR. What a small world. They’re about our age and are slowly making their way back home. If the weather cooperates, we hope to share a cocktail and a campfire with them in the coming days.

We can never get enough of these gorgeous sunsets. Lucky us, the Sonoran Desert seems to offer these nearly every evening, except for rainy days of course. But when those clouds part, and the sun makes its way between them, everyone’s in for a real treat.

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