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Back Among the People

~Friday, January 27, 2023~

Day 958 (Travel Day)

Woke up to another chilly morning with the trailer starting off at 47 degrees (usually about 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature). It’s been mighty strange for this part of the country, but at least it’s keeping the few mosquitos braving the cold, away.

Palmetto Island was a great place to have the rest and solitude that we were looking for and a good home base to get to know the south a little bit more. We said goodbye to our camp host Pat who really appreciated the sweet treat we left him the other day, then we were on our way. First stop…propane, which hasn’t been too difficult to find with the many Tractor Supply stores popping up everywhere. Reminds me a lot of Ace Hardware in the way of cleanliness and friendliness. Then it was on to Lake End Park Campground & Marina in Morgan City, LA where we’ll be in the thick of Cajun and Creole history. It’s a rare thing to have such a short drive ahead of us (only 65 miles today)👍

Much of Highway 90 east was bad in the way of road conditions, especially the right lane where we tend to hang out. So much so, a “P” became an “0” and an “H” became an “N” as I attempted to do a little writing on my laptop while Jeff drove. I felt like we were back on Alaska highways again, so I scrapped any attempts at typing until things chilled.

Immediately, we noticed a way different vibe than the swampy, densely forested surroundings we had at our last campground.

Lake End Campground, instead, is teeming with kids, bikes and boats, not wildlife. It’s the perfect recreation area for boaters and fishermen with Lake Palourde right out your back door. I will be honest….it’s difficult to find suitable campgrounds in this part of Louisiana. In our original search about a year ago, we found many to be not well maintained and simply run down. So that forced us to expand our radius from where we wanted to tour, to get a better campground. And the prices are too good to be true. Where our normal price point for a full hookup site is between $50-$75/night, they’re between $28-$30/night here.

There was no one to check us in, but plenty of camp hosts driving around in their golf carts to keep things in order. We also received a very welcoming email from them that seemed like it was written just for us. It definitely had the personal touch, informing us of the weather update, how to stay safe, where to get the best King Cakes (a Mardi Gras must have) and a request that we have a safe and pleasant stay. Our first mission in setting up was seeing if we had the Fox network channel to watch the NFC/AFC Championship game on Sunday. Bingo! We’re in!!! It’s forecasted to rain that day, so it will be a good day to cozy up by the fire and watch the 49er’s beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the sun going down, we thought we’d take a walk on the nice path in the park that runs along the Pique Bayou,

a place that looks like any hungry alligator would like to call “home”, though we didn’t see any. Sadie had a ball on their open grass area where she was free to run and check out all the smells. This is a popular place for ducks, herons, and geese as we were witness to the many bird feathers strewn about the lawn. A few fishermen were out catching their night’s dinner.

The evening was light with a game of dominoes (which I won!), leftovers from Bon Temps Grill and a try at my new Niimbot label maker that my son Shane gave me for Christmas. Love it. Very compact and so simple to use.

Check out my professional looking first project!

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