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Attacking Cactus

~Tuesday, January 25, 2022~

Day 590

Always nice to start off the day with a healthy, great tasting smoothie. It’s like sunshine in a glass. Kale, spinach, blueberries, flax seed, ginger and banana. Yum! What do you like to put in your favorite smoothie? Now if I could just restart my daily 4-mile walk-a-day routine, I’ll be heading to the races! Once again, the day got away from us tying up loose ends with phone calls, appointments and creating spreadsheets for more data for our trip (more on this later). My husband is the spreadsheet king and man, do they help us keep things straight.

Temps last night were chilly! The desert does not hold heat very well. The high’s are a pleasant low 70’s, but the nights get down to upper 30’s, forcing us to use the propane heater every morning. Good thing the propane place is just around the corner. But we are in for warmer temperatures as the days go on.

The highlight of the day was not a positive one I’m afraid. Poor Sadie was attacked by the common desert plant, the

Jumping Cholla. While Jeff was catching up on some reading outside the trailer, Sadie was doing her little bit of wandering. Mind you there are 2 vicious sounding dogs behind us. I guess as Sadie was getting close to the fence to check things out, the dogs suddenly appeared out of nowhere, startling Sadie right into the prickly shrub. She immediately ran to our aid, ears back and shaking….her way of telling us “Help me!” Together, we must have taken out about 20 needles, thankfully not poisonous…one of the first things I researched. She was a good patient, but felt terrible as a parent. At least a nice warm shower and suds up seemed to take her mind off of it. I don’t think she’ll be mozying over to that fence anytime soon.

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