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Ant Invasion!

~Sunday, July 12, 2020~ Day 28

A day of getting things done at the campsite. Jeff replaced his torque wrench with a different one that fits the lug nuts for our trailer tires, put on the new tongue jack cover, and hung our outdoor lights from the awning. Hanging the lights takes time as you have to install special clips that hang from the reveal in the awning. We ended up swagging them so the length working out perfectly. They’re LED and powered by a USB port. Love the colors too. We just wish they were larger bulbs, and cast more shadow effect on the ground, as the photo showed. But I think the highlight for Jeff today was putting together his new Weber bbq.

It’s very compact which makes for easy storage, great quality and fits perfect on our outdoor table stand. My highlight today was getting our windows/screens cleaned on the trailer. But I will say, it wasn’t fun cleaning this many. It reminded me of the 40+ windows/screens we had at our Napa home. Maybe not quite that many, but there’s a large amount of windows on this rig. It was a great chore to do on a hot day.

The kids came over around 4:00. Easton is with Jacob until Thursday and miss him so much already. It’s going to be difficult being away from our family as we head out of California and on to new places. Anyway, I put together some light horderves that we could munch on during Cornhole. All went well as each team won a game. We took an early evening stroll around the campground once it cooled down to 90 (hah!). When we got back, I went to grab the hose to cool off Sadie and found an ant invasion. They’re here. Their trail led up from the hose on the ground to the roof where they were after the condensation from the A/C. Smart little buggers. But it’s the desert right? The ironic thing is we had tried to address this potential issue, yesterday, with no ammo at the moment. So Devin and Hannah made a trek to the store for us, to buy some ant stakes while we watched Carson and got dinner going. We’ll let you know tomorrow how they worked. The ants were not going to spoil our evening. We had a yummy spaghetti dinner outside with beautiful weather and a few grasshopper visits.

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