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Another Day at the Beach

~Saturday, July 11, 2020~

Day 27

Looking forward to another day with our grandchildren and Hannah and Devin. It was again going to be too unbearable to be at our campsite today with temperatures in the low 100’s. Originally Devin wanted to fish here at the lake, but the fish would probably be lazy anyway with the heat...right? So to Del Mar Beach we go. On the way there, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a pest control product I’ve mentioned before called Sevin Dust. One of the things it does is prevents ant invasions. We had seen another RV’er use it at the base of his trailer sprinkling it around any contact points from the ground to the floor of the RV. Anyway, I’d been in the store for about 20 minutes with confused clerks saying I had cancelled my order, when in fact I hadn’t. We came to find out the product had been recalled that morning so I guess it wasn’t meant to be, and likely not good for the planet. So time for further research.

After the Wal-Mart debacle, we made it to Hannah and Devin’s place. We had a little playtime with Easton and Carson, then packed up for the beach. On the way, we picked up some sandwiches at Subway on base, then found a welcome spot in the sand. It was absolutely insane how crowded it was with a pandemic going on. Not too much social distancing going on here. We stayed away from the more crowded section and had a fabulous time, swimming, playing netball, building and destroying sand castles, and making “tracks” as Easton calls it.

He even tolerated a little dip in the ocean (though there were a few tears). It’s good he’s cautious about it but we also want him comfortable around water. Even with very little sleep, Easton did very well today.

Hannah and Devin wanted to make dinner at their place, so they did a little grocery shopping on the way home, while we went back to see Sadie (she had stayed at their place while we were at the beach since dogs are not allowed at Del Mar), and was very excited to see us. A little run before dinner.

Hannah and Devin have a nice bbq area at their complex so we took advantage of that to bbq some steaks and salmon, while Easton ran around with his firetruck. A fun evening, followed by the 45 minute drive back to our campsite.

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